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    Virtual + Augmented Reality

    Its more important than ever to transport and visualize your idea, project or product.
    But a static image is maybe not enough anymore, Virtual + Augmented Experiences will become the standard soon...

Virtual + Augmented Reality

​VR + AR Experience

The fast digitalization of almost all industries and people, in combination with a world-wide pandemic has changed the way people inspect and buy properties, decide which products they buy, how teams collaborate and communicate, etc... within a few months.

Everybody now needs the right Digital Strategy, the right tools and the right people to make sure their business will be able to survive in a digital world.
At AIPAL we strongly believe that Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality should play a key role in every business' startegy.
Let us help you give your clients a breath-taking VR + AR experience... Wheter on your website, in a meeting, in your showroom or in an app.

VR + AR experience can look like this:

  • Embed a 3D model on a website or in an app and let clients interact with it.
  • Give your clients the possibility to configure products online on your website.
  • Use VR/AR in your project meetings to better understand the project and find issues earlier.
  • Use your Digital Twin in a VR or AR environment and run simulations and/ or animations.

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30mins Visualization + VR

​Virtual Reality on your website

Presenting your product, property or asset online on a website is more important than ever.
More and more buying decisions are made online, showrooms go online, collaboration with cloud tools will be the future.

This means it is maybe not enough anymore to just have images or videos on your website. AIPAL can bring your 3D model, point cloud and data to your website.
Also think about adding your data to Apple or Android apps and make it available in a viewer, a game or an AR environment.

Amazing things we can do:

  • Product and Material Configurator. Let your clients design the products or let them chose the materials.
  • Showcase your Digital Twin on a website and use it as the basis for Augmented Relaity applications like a 3D map, simulations, employee onboarding,...
  • Get an interactive animation on your website. Let the website visitors interact with it.

​​Real-Time Rendering

Let us show you some awesome tools that create beautiful renderings and walkthroughs in real-time directly in the design applications.
No more waiting for the rendering or animation for hours. Now you can present your ideas live, make changes on the fly... the Rendering will update instantly.

Its now also much easier than ever to add objects like a driving car, flying birds, video textures etc... to your Walkthrough.

AIPAL can help you with the decision for the right tools and can convert any 3D objects into renderable Content in a Real-Time Rendering Software.

Real-Time Rendering for you:

  • Get the right tool and learn how to use it.
  • Let us add your existing 3D objects to a Real-Time Rendering library.
  • Get your Real-Time Renderings on your website.

Real-Time Rendering can save you so much time...

​Digital Product Selector

Presenting your product, property or asset online on a website is more important than ever.
More and more buying decisions are made online, showrooms go online, static images in online stores are getting replaced by 3D plugins.

Be ready for the next level and give your clients the opportunity to design their own products online, swap out materials in a 3D view, try out different options of a design,...

Examples what a Digital Product Selector can do:

  • Swap out materials in a 3D model of e.g. a Residential or Office Building.
  • Show your clients the options they can choose from, e.g. Colors, Materials, Patterns,...
  • Simulate how your product works, e.g. show how water comes out of a tap or how a door on a sideboard opens.

​Animations + Renderings

Looking for a high-end rendering or an animated video of your product?
We can do that for you!

How we do it:

  • Step by step process from the first idea to the finished image or video.
  • Be involved in the process with many opportunities for you to review and comment.
  • We can import or export the relevant file formats for the industry.

​Architectural Photography

An image describes it better than 1000 words? That is still true and we love the art of taking the perfect picture. We have a great photographer in the team who has many years of professional experience in Architectural Photography. And we know how beautiful pictures can make a difference in a digital world.

Our Architectural Photography service:

  • Perfect pictures of your project or property.
  • Professional post-production.

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