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    BIM - Building Information Modeling

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BIM - Building Information Modeling

​Digital Process Analysis

Analysis is needed to improve any process including digital processes.  Many BIM consultants will start here, and assuming every business wants the same thing, this is a good place to start.

The AIPAL difference is that we adopt the Lean Six Sigma® methodology, where analyze is the third phase, not the first.

  • Define  First we take the time to work with you, understand what you want your business to deliver to YOUR customers, and understand your pain points.  We then work with you to Define the goals of any improvement activity.
  • Measure Get meaningful metrics about the existing process.
  • Analyze  Now that we have the goals for the improvements and some metrics about the process, we can Analyze your digital process according to the defined goals and metrics.

The Lean Six Sigma® method is a tried method to identify areas for improvements that will reduce costs and increase revenue. To analyze the digital process before the define and measure phases can lead to wasted money with a result that didn't really fit your business or its goals.

We use internationally recognized methodologies to analyze your Digital Processes. Smart + Lean!

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30mins BIM - Building Information Modeling

​BIM Kick-off

Are you not sure were to start with BIM and the digital transformation? Don't be confused by hundreds of abbreviations, standards, software tools,...
A BIM implementation in your company can burn a lot of money with a low effect

Get advice from us as vendor-agnostic Digital/ BIM Experts with experience from the BIM AND the Construction/ Design industry.

Some things we cover during a BIM Kick-off:

  • You'll learn exactly what BIM means and what is really relevant to know about it
  • We analyze how BIM can help your company
  • See how BIM can increase your revenue and/ or save you time and costs

​BIM Health Check

You already impleneted BIM but have the feeling your project files are too slow or they cause errors?

Or your team is using BIM Content from various (sometimes suspect) sources and load it into your projects what again can cause severe technical and quality issues?

Lets have a chat and let us analyze your data and workflows.

Afterwards we present you very detailed recommendations how to fix issues (or maybe we already fixed them) and how to avoid in the future.

Some things we cover during a BIM Health Check:

  • We analyze your data with highly specialzed software tools and provide you with a very detailed report on performance, quality and issues.
  • This will include but is not limited to e.g. Revit family libraries, Project files, scripts, and more.

BIM is all about information and data,

so you need to make sure your files are healthy and will always be.

​BIM Execution Plans

Many projects fail or under-perform because of miscommunication or no communication.  It is of course the same for BIM Projects and BIM Management.

You need a very good BIM Execution Plan to make sure you receive and deliver the right BIM at the right time.  Make sure you or your clients get what they paid for.

At AIPAL, we can support owners to put together their information requirements so that your project will run smoothly and you'll get the right data during and after the construction process. We can independently review and verify compliance with the BIM Execution Plan.

But we can also support Planner, Builder and Manufacturer to respond to Information Requirements, put together the right BIM Strategy and/ or BIM Execution Plan and verify that you deliver high-quality BIM. This will make your clients happy!

How we improve your BIM Management:

  • Analyze the Owners needs and make sure they are covered in the BIM Execution Plan.
  • Implement workflows to ensure information isn't lost during the design and construction process.
  • Get agreement on platforms, software and data formats to ensure a smooth data exchange.

​BIM Workshop for Owners + Facility Management

Owners and Facility Managers can hugely benefit from BIM. Unfortunately in most projects not all data and information gets through to them.
We can give you an overview of what BIM means for you and what you should ask the project team for.

Let us also give you an idea what a digital Twin of your facility could look like and how you convert the BIM project data into a smart Digital Twin.
Get an idea of our "smart digital Twin" strategy here: 

Some topics of our BIM for Owners and FM workshops:

  • Really understand what BIM and the Digital Transformation means. We'll guide you through the jungle of Standards, Abbreviations and what the software companies want you to buy.
  • Learn what you really need to know about BIM, and what tools you really need and which not.
  • Understand how the future of BIM, Virtual/ Augmented Reality and Big Data will look like.
  • We enable you to make the right decisions for the future of your assets.

Owners + Facility Managers are the big winners of the BIM process,

do you already benefit?

​BIM Management

Let us do the BIM Management for you. We can be your independet partner throughout the Design and Construction process.
From the first steps towards a Project BIM Strategy to the Hand-over of high-quality BIM Data... we can help you!

What we do as your BIM Managers:

  • Ensure a clear, fair and smooth cooperation of all stakeholders in the project.
  • Constant Quality Control throughout the entire project. For us this means much more than just clash tests,...
  • Ongoing reports and documentation on project and project team performance.
  • Issue + RFI Management
  • Run regular BIM Coordination meetings and ensure progress.

​BIM Coordination

For us BIM Coordination means to actively work with you during the entire Design and Construction process.
We are on your side and help you deliver what your client/ the project team needs.

What BIM Coordination means for us:

  • Analyze the requirements of the project.
  • Review technical requirements and find the optimal way to fullfill these.
  • Make sure you deliver high quality data to your client/ the project team.
  • We'll keep an eye on Issues + RFIs and make sure we keep them on a low number.

BIM Coordination is much more than

just running a clash test...

​BIM Content

Using the right BIM Content (e.g. Revit Families) is critical for the delivery of a successful BIM project. Unfortunately users sometimes just download Content from anywhere on the internet. This means inconsistent BIM data, issues during the data exchange and sometimes software crashes and damage to project files.

AIPAL has highly experienced Content Developers to provide the right BIM Content to your users. With our Industry-leading Content Management Soultions we can ensure that all BIM + CAD users have the right Content at their fingertips.
We can setup Dashboards and reports e.g. in PowerBI to help you track the usage of BIM Content in projects and/ or in your company.

Our BIM Content solutions:

  • Generic Content and/ or Templates for e.g. Autodesk® Revit for all AEC disciplines..
  • Review of existing Content libraries and templates.
  • We have the industry-leading tools to convert your existing BIM Content to specific Standards or for your next project.
  • We can provide best-in-class Content Management to make sure your users just use the BIM Content you want them to use.

Its easy to find BIM Content on the internet,

but its hard to find the good one...

​BIM for Quantity Surveying

Getting accurate Quantities and Cost Estimations for your project as well as proper tendering documents is absolutely critical for the future of your business and/ or the performance of your project.

We at AIPAL have industry experience in Quantity Surveying and know how to get the right information out of a BIM model and straight into your QS, Cost and/ or Tendering software.

How we do that:

  • Connect BIM models and workflows to your existing tools wherever possible.
  • Review of BIM Models and Content to make sure the information your QS needs is in there.
  • If necessary we use our industry-leading tools to convert BIM Data so that the right information/ formulas are in there.
  • We can provide BIM Content that is ready to be used with your QS/ Cost Software. Get Quantities and Costs in no time...

​BIM Model Upgrade

Whether you're a large company or small company, a building owner or facility manager, that works with BIM Data, at some point you may want to have your files upgraded.  This can take a long time or perhaps you don't have the software to do the upgrades.  AIPAL can help with this process

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