Founders and Directors

Kent Watson Managing Director

Kent is an expert in Autodesk BIM Software, architectures, structures, MEP and CAD/BIM management.  He has years of experience training clients from different backgrounds worldwide.  He has developed many courses specifically for their individual or group needs. He enjoys producing content such as videos and training documentation both for general use and specific requests. Kent’s vast experience includes structural drafting, contract administration, architectural technician, project management and BIM management roles on small and large residential, commercial and industrial projects. His foremost skills are in AutoCAD, Revit Architecture, Revit Structure and Revit MEP.

+61 (0) 408 975 429

Christian Dorst Managing Director

Christian is an Engineer who has been working with various 2D and 3D software since 1997.  He has been an expert in Autodesk BIM solutions for many years and has trained clients from Australia and around the world.  He produces training videos and documents for general use and specific focus for platforms such as LinkedIn Learning.  Christian’s vast experience includes Project and BIM Manager roles on large commercial and industrial projects.  Here, at smartBIM, he utilises his broad experience to get the best solutions for the clients.

+61 (0) 490 062 089

The Team

The people make the difference... Key skills of our team:

Backgrounds in Architecture, Structural, MEP and Plant Design to deliever a holistic solution

Many years of hands-on industry experience from Residential up to 100m+ AUD Commercial projects
We know what we are talking about

Fair and respectful teamwork with our clients and within the team

We are digital enthusiasts and love what we do for our clients

We are independent and do not enter partnerships based on minimum sales

Organizations we work with

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Our mission

AIPAL strives to facilitate smart intelligent CAD design for all our clients.  We recognise and seek to understand the impact of today's design and construction marketplace on those who create and document its future.  In partnership with our clients, we make a deliberate positive change through the increase and diffusion of applicable knowledge, creativity, innovation, curiosity and product design.

What we understand

If you are an Architect, Designer, Engineer or part of a virtual construction team, then you want to ensure that you work with the latest workflows excluding repetitive tasks. We know you don’t have time for waste and inefficiencies that cause creativity, innovation, curiosity and product design to suffer. We know that what you create virtually with be actualised and have a real life impact on our families, communities, countries and planet.

Why we do it

We love the potential of the Construction and Engineering industries to change the world we live in for the better. We love that through our combined support we can positively impact true and lasting efficient innovation for our clients and their clients. We love our families and want a better world for them, and we know that you do too.