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    Digital Twins

    We see the Digital Twin technology as the next level of BIM. 
    Its not just about adding data anymore, its about using this information wisely...

Digital Twins

​Digital Twin Strategies

Digital Twins are so much more than just remodelling based on a Laserscan.
Only a proper strategy can ensure that you will not lose informations and lots of money on your way to the Digital Twin of your asset.

Are you not sure were to start with BIM and the digital transformation? Don't be confused by hundreds of abbreviations, standards, software tool,...

Get advice from us as vendor-agnostic Digital/ BIM Experts with broad experience in Facility Management, Construction, Design and Software.

Some issues we solve with our Digital Twin strategy:

  • Understand what platform is the best for your Digital Twin, and learn why a BIM model is maybe not the right option.
  • How do you make sure that "hidden" objetcs in a Laserscan/ LiDAR get into your Digital Twin?
  • How can you connect BIM Data from tools like Autodesk® Revit, SQL databases, Dynamo,... with your Digital Twin?
  • Learn how we can turn your Digital Twin into a living platform that you can use for simulations, animations, VR/AR,...
  • Will my Digital Twin be ready for the next level of digitalisation?
  • See our tools that can recognize assets in a point cloud automatically and turn them into a parametric 3D object within seconds.

A Digital Twin is so much more than just a 3D model,

it is an ongoing process...

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30mins Digital Twins

​BIM to Digital Twin

You got the BIM Data from the project team and don't know what to do with it? Let us help you!
We review and analyze all the data you have and get out the geometry and information you need for your Digital Twin. If necessary we have the tools and knowledge to batch process big data and/ or clean-up according to your needs and Standards. We can independently recommend tools and platforms and of course can help you to create the Digital Twin of your asset.

BIM to Digital Twin can include:

  • A Digital Twin Strategy
  • Big Data analysis and/ or conversion.
  • Getting BIM Data on the right Digital Twin platform.
  • Setup dashboards and databases to track performance, issues, warranty dates, and much more...

​Scan to Digital Twin

You got a point cloud of your facility and wonder if you should remodel it or which platform to use for it?
Remodelling from scan data/ point clouds often just costs a lot of money and will give you more of a static 3D model than a "Smart Digital Twin". 

In some cases free software tools will provide you a much smarter Digital Twin than a model based on a BIM or CAD tool. Let us show you how!

Scan to Digital Twin can include:

  • Finding the right platform for your point cloud data.
  • Decide if and how to get to an intelligent 3D model.
  • Learn how to get "hidden" elements into a Digital Twin.
  • Of course we can setup the Digital Twin for you and e.g. give your organization access through a web portal.

Is it a good idea to just remodel a point cloud in a BIM Software?

Probably not... There are better platforms, and some are free!

​Convert Analog to Digital

We know that many Owners and Facility Managers have printed paper documentation or maybe scanned TIFF, JPEG,... files of their assets.

Let us show you how to bring this data into the digital world and/ or your Digital Twin.

We have tools which can e.g. vectorize scanned documents into DWG data to be used in most BIM + CAD tools.

Our Analog to Digital service:

  • Review the documents or files you want to digitalize.
  • Help you decide which digital platform to be used for the processed data.
  • Recommend tools and workflows for the conversion process. Or we batch process the data for you.
  • Creation of BIM models from analog data.

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